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Karma is a nice lady.

I’d like to use the phrase “what goes around comes around,” but I’ve always felt that that carried with it a sort of negative connotation. After what was without a doubt the most stressful semester of my life, that light at the end of the tunnel is finally within sight. And in what can only be described as karma making up for such an awful semester, the universe has given me a second chance in one of my classes in the form of a take-home final. It’s a good feeling.

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The Beginning of the End

Roommates, after playing League of Legends:
"Hey, Chris! Why don’t you get back into playing?"

My initial reaction:


Me, after not playing for over a year:

Me, after going 10-3-5 with Garen on a bot match:

Me, after remembering that bots suck:

But seriously guys, I had a lot of fun tonight, went 2-1 as support Leona, and am definitely looking forward to the next match.

- Chris

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Hello, World!

… and all who inhabit it!

I’m Chris, and it looks like you’re stuck with me for this journey through the Internet, so I’ll try to not be boring. I’m an aspiring Physics major, and full-time student at UMBC, as well as an amateur astronomer, guitarist, and videogamer.

I was convinced to start this blog by a certain someone (you know who you are), so from time to time, I’ll post some of the day’s top thoughts and findings, and some funny Internet stuff. My roommates (also Physics majors) will also be heard from every now and again, when they chime in with their own contributions.

This is your one and only warning: there will be science, you are sitting in the Splash Zone, and you will get wet.


- Chris

Oh, and credit for the title goes to Albert Einstein, who said it best:

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."